Free Multichannel
Inventory Management.

A free Excel-like spreadsheet that integrates with all of your
sales channels, POS software, and accounting software.

Why Mellow? 🧐

Managing inventory via Excel is great, really. But at some point, it's too much work.

Say goodbye to manual work

Whether you're an eCommerce business, B&M business, or both -

Easily connect & sync all of your sales channels, accounting software, and POS software.


Mellow is as simple as it gets and feels just like an Excel spreadsheet. Think of Mellow as an Excel on steroids.

Zero Friction

Quickly import all of your existing inventory - in one click.

Free for all

All businesses deserve to have access to great yet affordable software, regardless of their size.

We give it for free.

Auto replenishment

Automatically dispatch Purchase Orders to your suppliers, whenever your inventory reorder points are reached.

No more stock-outs

Mellow helps prevent sales channels from exhausting your stock by constantly keeping everything in-sync.

Put an end to frustrating stock-outs and angry customers.

Focus on growth

Opt-in & out of any sales channel you want, whenever you want. No more vendor lock-in. Mellow is the single source of truth for everything stock-related.

Actionable insights

Out-of-the-box stats and insights you can act upon.

History matters

We keep track of your inventory changes, so you can, too.

We were waiting for you... 😎

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